Monday, November 26, 2007

Just a Start

Okay, people, watch out! I am starting a new blog! I have been buried at my computer for the last 3 months working on my website. It is almost ready! All I lack is the shopping cart to get fixed and I am open for business!! Anyone can still browse, though. A lot of interesting stuff can be found. The website is I hope you all enjoy your visit. The cart should be ready this week!! You will find a lot of fun and unique items for your gift giving this year.

On a personal note, we just returned from our daughter Amber's. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend with 6 of our grandkids. It was so fun except for the leaving part! Our little 3 year old (who just turned 3 on Thanksgiving day) asked if we could come back tomorrow. That made us very sad! Our son Micah was also there. All in all it was a very fun visit.
We are planning a surprise trip to Disney World the first part of January. We will be taking three of our grandchildren, our son and our daughter. The surprise is for the grandkids. They have NO idea, yet!! It is hard to keep a secret that BIG!! We bought sweatshirts all alike to give to them on Christmas to announce the event. My DH can hardly keep his lips zipped!!