Friday, August 15, 2008

Mid August Newsletter

Just a bit of my personal life:

I know that most of you are getting geared up for the school year. That means some free time and also time to be taxi drivers, tutors, coaches and whatever else comes with having kids in school. I wish you the best school year however you spend your time. Just make some time for yourself!!

Some of my grandkids are off to school and what excitement! I have two 5 year old grandchildren starting kindergarten. One of them started yesterday and the other will start next week. This is a hard time for moms and grandmas because we realize our little babies are really growing up! All of them are so excited to learn and make new friends. Those that are in school LOVE their teachers!! My hat goes off to ALL teachers who put so many hours to give our children and grandchildren a wonderful experience to learn and grow!

My garden is finally producing! Our tomato plants are as tall as the fence! We have NEVER had them get that tall! There are lots of tomatoes. I hope the weather will cooperate until they all turn red! We love fresh tomatoes from our garden! I hope you enjoy some fresh produce this fall!


I have a wonderful tip for those of you who like to save scraps. I know that I have a hard time throwing away any scrap that is any bigger than a postage stamp! I would throw them in a drawer and then rummage through them trying to find the perfect color. It would take me forever! Below you can see what I have done! I can't tell you how this has made my foundation paper piecing so much easier! Click on the picture for the article on Making a Fabric Palette and a larger view of the picture.

abric Palette

If you like to applique, here are a few nice tips I found. Thank you to each of these people for great ideas!

Before I press freezer paper to my fabric, I punch a small hole in the paper. After I have finished the applique, I can put my needle in the hole on the freezer paper, and it pulls right off. - Ellie in Idaho

When doing hand applique and traveling, simply place your bobbins with the color threads needed and place them in a medicine bottle. Drill tiny holes through the top of bottle and pull up your thread colors. They will stay neat and easy to use! One medicine bottle holds approximately 7 bobbins of color. - Nancy in Florida

I like to applique but to applique onto a block draws it up and therefore it is no longer square. To counteract this I aways cut my base block at least a half inch bigger than I want the finished block to be, than square it up after it is done. - Ferrell in California

New Patterns:

I can't believe how much fun I have been having! I can't seem to quit making this next little item! Since I have made my Fabric Palette, it has been so easy to pick out color fabrics for these little Needle Books. These little books are so handy! Keep your needles, a few pins and safety pins in them. You will never need to take your pincushion, box of safety pins or your package of needles to do a project. This little Needle Book is all you will need along with your scissors and project. And they are so CUTE!! They make a nice little quick gift as well! Click on the picture below for details and a larger view.

Needle Books

Don't forget the Stars n' Stripes placemat pattern. I really enjoy a fun and decorative placemat on my table. I have received such nice compliments from family and friends. Click the picture for details.

Stars n' Stripes Placemat Pattern

Back To School Savings!!

Here is a quick rundown of what we have on sale for Back to School. Click on each picture to see more information.

Every teacher would love one of their very own Teacher's Clock hanging in their classroom. A great way to start of a new school year!

Teacher's Clock

Make this Back to School wall hanging to hang in a teacher's room or on their door. I love Back to School decor in my home as well. Make one for yourself or someone else. Click on the picture for more details.

Back to School Wall Hanging

Just for reading my newsletter, I will give you this Pencil Postcard Pattern (I could make a tongue twister out of that!) absolutely FREE! Simply email me at with Pencil Postcard Pattern in the subject line and it is yours!! Click on the picture for the postcard pattern details.

Pencil Postcard Pattern
August BOM Pattern:

If your friends have not signed our guestbook, have them sign it so they can receive the August BOM pattern and get their name on the list to receive future BOM patterns for 2008. Click on the August block below for details.

August BOM pattern

Christmas Stocking Sale:

I have had a wonderful response to our Christmas Stocking Sale. This sale has been extended until August 31st. Take advantage of this savings and hang a NEW Personalized Christmas Stocking this year. I hate to admit it, but Christmas is not that far away! Remember that an order totaling $50.00 or more gets FREE shipping! Click on Christmas Stocking below for details.

That's it for another couple of weeks! Be ready for the NEXT BOM pattern and more fun and suprises. :o)

Keeping you in stitches!