Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mid April Newsletter

I think spring has finally arrived in Idaho! We have had 60 degree weather! (at least ONE day!) Hopefully more will come. At least the SNOW is about gone! April is half gone and soon a new month will be here! How time flies when you are having fun, right?

Last Saturday, was an eventful day! I was able to get together with a group of people to work on some humanitarian projects. I am so happy to report that we were able to complete 20 quilts (we tied them), 50 school bag kits, 50 wooden toy cars (we had a youth group paint them beforehand), 50 fabric worms (these are CUTE and the kids got involved in stuffing them) and some picture books! This was such a "feel good" activity, knowing that some people in need would be blessed. Makes me so thankful for ALL that I have! If you haven't been able to get involved in such a project, it is so worth your time to seek one out!

Just a few reminders of what is going on at Quilting For Less. Remember that we have FREE shipping until the end of April. Hope you are taking advantage of this and thinking about ordering some Christmas Stockings for Christmas. (Here I am thinking about Christmas and I just said I would be glad it was SPRING!) Well, ya gotta know that it is still a good time to order Christmas Stockings! :o) We have two sizes to choose from.

We also have a couple of new Wall Hanging designs to choose from. Can you tell I was thinking SPRING when I made these? :o) The quilt block clocks are so much fun! Remember you can add a saying or a name to these clocks to make them personal! Don't forget to find our "Just a Note" postcard pattern. It is hidden somewhere other than our Postcard page. If you spot it and tell me where it is on our website at, it is yours! I'll send the pattern to your email address! This is what it looks like. Hint: It is on one of our product pages.

Until next time.

Keeping you in stitches!