Monday, December 15, 2008

Mid December Newsletter

A Bit About Life

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! That is right, it has been snowing the last 2 days here in southeast Idaho. It is beautiful! The downside is the the terrible road conditions. But, as long as I can stay close to a warm fire, it is the best! I do love the beauty of new fallen snow.

I have been able to squeeze in a little quilting time among the making of Christmas Stockings. We have a quilt show in January at our local library. This year the challenge was issued to make a black and white quilt block with either bright yellow, red or purple fabric as the accent color. I chose yellow as my accent color. If I get time, I would like to do more with the red and purple. But for now, this is what I have. I really like this combination! What do you think?

We are also making charity quilts to donate to local charities. I had so much fun with this. I acquired some of my mother's stash when she passed away. She had this cute panel and had cut out a lot of "red" squares of fabric for a project but never got to finish it. I got out my trusty rotary cutter and squared these up and added them to the panel. Then I found some blue fabric for a second border. This was so fun to think of my sweet mom as I made this quilt top. She would have loved it to go to some child who is in need of a warm quilt to help comfort them. I felt as though she was helping me with this project. I do miss our crafting times together. Anyway, here is the quilt top we did together.

Christmas Stockings

This time of year is always so much fun! I love making Christmas Stockings. Especially, personalizing them. As I add the name to a particular design, it is fun to think about this person that I haven't met and what their likes are.

The most popular stocking this year has been Mr. Santa. This shouldn't come as any surprise, right? I am working on a cute snowman pattern and as soon as I get him just right, I'll post his picture.

It is never to late to order Christmas Stockings. These make wonderful wedding gifts as well as Christmas gifts. If you want to give a perfect wedding gift, start the new couple off with a pair of Christmas Stockings. Your gift will be the most unique of all! Click HERE to see the full line of designs.

Personalized Clocks

There have been some awesome photos coming to my email that I have made into clocks. I can imagine the smiles on faces as they open their unique gifts this year. Here is a sample of these Phun Photo clocks! Click HERE for ordering information.

It has also been fun personalizing the designs I have available. Click HERE to see the designs that are available. The Quilt Block clocks have been very popular this year. Here are a few of the most popular designs.

Mystery Quilt Pattern

Please stay tuned for a new Mystery Quilt Pattern. I have a fun planned and will be posting it in January. In the meantime, enjoy the ones that are posted now. They may not be there for very long! Click HERE and find the big "?" to get the clues.

Quilting Tips

Here are a few great tips I found.

For quilt labels, set your machine to alphabet stitching and sew your name and other information right into the fabric. Quilt over the top of the lettering. - Carolyn in New Zealand

To make sure that the label you add to your quilt cannot be removed, stitch to the back of the quilt before the quilting is completed. Quilt through the label. - Noreen in Massachusetts

Sewing all day can lead to millions of little threads on the floor. Not wanting to vacuum, I put two of the lint rollers on a paint roller and attached the handle to an extension handle. I run this over the carpet, bingo, it's tidy for tomorrow! I store it by hanging it on a hook behind the door. - Jacque in California

Merry Christmas!

I couldn't let the Christmas Season pass without giving a gift to you readers. The pattern to the wall hanging below is yours as my gift to you. Click HERE for the pattern.

Wishing you all a "Pieceful" Holiday Season! Hoping the New Year find you well! Until January...