Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mid January Newsletter

A Bit About Life

I hope everyone is settled into the New Year of 2009. It looks like we have had the last of the big snow storms here in southeast Idaho. I shouldn't speak too soon, though. We could have major snow storms STILL! At least the roads are not icy. FOR NOW!

My husband Roger and I are Cub Masters for our cub scouting unit. It is almost time for another pack meeting. The theme this month is A-MAZE-ing games. This will be a fun time for these young boys. We feel like we are grandparents to 20! It makes us feel young, except when Pack meeting is over, then we feel older than we should! Wish us luck!

Quilting Views and Tips

Our yearly quilt show will be the 27th and 28th of this month. I will be giving two demonstrations. One on foundation paper piecing and the other will be how to embellish with fabric chenille. I will have the pattern available for the chenille wall hanging by the next newsletter. It is turning out REALLY fun! I'll give a small hint... it is very "springy" looking.... :o)

I also finished quilting the Disappearing Nine Patch. I have added a close-up of how I quilted it. I quilted Iris flowers into the blocks. I wish you could see it up close and personal. It turned out very nice, IMHO (in my humble opionion).

Here are two quilting tips for using your batting. Please enjoy:

I take a "hunk" of leftover batting and pin it over my shoulder when sewing. Then, as you snip off those threads. tiny fabric nips, etc. etc., you just put them on top of the batting where they cling very well. After your sewing session is complete. you simply unpin the batting from your shoulder and toss it all neatly away.. It puts an end to all those little thread nips. fabric snips, etc all over the sewing room floor, as well as the table top. - Kathi in Michigan

I have a ton of cotton batting. One night I was online with a friend complaining that I didn't have a design wall. She asked me if I had any cotton batting and I said of course. Well, the rest is history. My design wall is cotton batting on the only bare wall I have, right next to my cutting table. It is amazing how much easier it is to see what I am - Carol

New Patterns

I have the March element for the Month by Month wall hanging available. This one is called "I'm Irish". I love how this one turned out. The shamrocks are an added touch to celebrate March. CLICK HERE to find the pattern.

Here are a couple of February Patterns that you may enjoy. CLICK HERE to find them.

I also have two table runner patterns available. They are called "Three Wishes" and "Give Thanks". These are from past Mystery Quilts. If you are a beginner, these would be perfect as a starting point on your quilting journey. The pattern comes in full step by step pictured instructions. I have priced these at a very low price to get you started quilting! CLICK HERE to find these patterns. Please browse other fun patterns by clicking HERE.

Mystery Quilt Pattern

Did you know that there is a NEW mystery quilt up? The first clue is available. The next clue will be ready sometime on Monday. If you could only see the end results! (Tee Hee) I can tell you it can either be a table topper or a wall hanging and there will be 6 clues to finish. After the last clue, the pattern will go up for sale at the low price of $3.95. But get each clue while they are FREE! CLICK HERE, then look for the Mystery ? sign (it looks like the one below), then follow the Snowman's sign to get the clues. Have FUN!!

Block of the Month

Have you received the first block of the month pattern for 2009? It is a BEAUTY! (no pun intended). This year the BOM series is called "Beautiful in Black". Below you can see the entire quilt and the first block pattern. If you haven't received this month's pattern, you have until the 31st of January to sign my guestbook. Signing the guestbook will allow you to receive every block for the entire year. If you miss one, they will be available for only $.99. CLICK HERE to view the 2008 "Sampler Quilt in Pastels"

Christmas Stockings

Just a small note about Christmas Stocking... these are wonderful wedding gifts! CLICK HERE to see the current designs.

That's it for two weeks. Wishing you all the BEST of the REST of January!