Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid September Newsletter

A Bit About Life:

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It is becoming one of my favorite times of the year, but a busy time! The garden is winding down somewhat. I do have a BUMPER crop of fresh tomatoes. Does anyone want some? :o)

We were able to attend our Southeast Idaho State Fair. We indulged in our usual corn on the cob, Tiger Ears (a large piece of fry bread sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar), Funnel Cakes, a Chicken and Rice bowl, and a smoked turkey leg. All topped off with Lemonade Slush! We had my husband’s brother, wife and daughter from California go with us. We walked until we could hardly take another step!

I love visiting the craft building and see all of the beautiful quilts that were entered! There are definitely some VERY talented people in SE Idaho! I hope that you were able to attend a fair in your own state!

This Saturday, I had my 3 grandkids over. My grandson is a Cub Scout and needed a woodworking project for one of his requirements. I told him I would help him build a birdhouse. Well, there were 3 eager kids that wanted to make one as well, so I got out my Shopsmith Saw and helped them build THREE birdhouses! It was a lot of work, but we had a fun time!


This has been SO much fun!! I have a Mystery Table Runner for you! The first clue is available! Click on the “Question Mark” to find the 1st CLUE!! The next clue will be available on Tuesday. You may want to bookmark the Mystery Quilt page for the next clue. Have FUN with this!!
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Alzheimer's Awareness Quilt Patch
I would like to post as many quilt patches as I can for World Alzheimer's Day on the 21st of September. Anyone who wishes to post a quilt patch in honor of a loved one who has suffered from or is suffering from Alzheimer's can do so. Just follow the instructions on this webpage.
Alzheimer's Quilt . My own dear mother endured over 10 years of this terrible disease. I just want people to be aware! Thank you so much!!


Here are more great quilting tips. I hope you find them useful. These all have to do with “marking”. Can you guess what I am doing? Yup, marking a quilt!

Slivers of soap are great for marking quilting lines. - Barbara in Tennessee

I keep a mug in my sewing room, along with a tooth brush. I put water in the cup use the brush to dab & remove blue marker marks on my fabric. Works much better than spraying water, and you can put the water just where you want it. - Charlene in Oregon

When sharpening a quilt marking pencil, use the larger hole on a two hole manual sharpener. This will give you a very short but extremely sharp point. The point won't break off easily as with the "normal" size and your pencil will last longer. - Rhonda in Washington

Christmas is coming!

By my calculations, there is only a little over 3 months until Christmas!! Don’t delay in getting your Christmas Stockings ordered! Here are a few of my favorite ones. I really enjoy making these and personalizing them! Click on the stocking pictures to see MORE!
Annual Clock Sale!

I am reminding you that EVERY clock is on sale for the month of September. Here are some of my favorites. These make wonderful personalized gifts, especially for someone you have trouble knowing what to get them. Click on them to see MORE!

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Tina at Rocky Mountain Quiltworks has a wonderful shop with lots of NICE stuff! Click on her logo to visit her shop!

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