Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home at last

Singing along with Stevie Wonder. Holy cow, can he sing!

Roger is safe in the catcher's box. Babe Ruth will hit it out of the field!

Ummm.... pointers for Tiger Woods? I don't think so! ..... and coming from a Caddie!!

Roger and Bette Midler. She looks like she kind of likes him....

Ben Aflack and me at the poker table... Wish he played as good as he looks! Didn't win a whole lot on that hand!

Lucy is just about to take that wooden spoon to the side of Roger's head! I think she said, "No TASTING!"

Okay, we had a lot of fun in Vegas! It is good to be home, though. We could'nt stand too much more fun. We have to clear our heads from all the tabacco smoke!