Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Say BAN Daylight Savings Time!!

Let me explain one reason I HATE daylight savings. This is only ONE mind you!

Yesterday was Saturday, right? Well, we usually go to bed pretty early because we get up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning. Yesterday was an exception because it was Saturday and we could try to sleep in on Sunday. Sleeping in usually doesn't happen because of that DARN built in alarm clock!!

We went to sleep around 1:00 AM which is NOT our usual routine. We are usually in bed and asleep by about 10:00 pm. We were sleeping soundly and the alarm went off. Roger (dh) rolls over and says, "It's 7:30 according to this clock. I knew that it really meant 7:00 because we set it ahead a half hour so we can listen to the music or whatever as we"gently" wake up. When the music goes off, we know that it is REALLY time to get up! I know that sounds crazy, but that's just how it is!

As we were listening to the music on the radio, I knew that I had better get up and get a move on! The reason being; I play the organ for congregational singing in our church and of course I need to be there early. Church starts at 9:00 am and choir (which I like to support) begins at 8:15 AM.

So... I drag myself out of bed and in a mostly comatose state, head for the bathroom and a bath to try and wake myself up. I hear Roger getting in the shower as well, so I know we won't be late, if we hurry.

I get out of the bath, get dressed and am drying my hair, when Roger comes down the stairs. He looks at me and says do you know what time it is? I look at the clock and it is barely 6:30 am. I say, "What the heck!?!?" He then tries to accuse me of messing with the alarm clock, which I don't even know how to push the SNOOZE button! Afterall, that's his side of the bed and HIS responsibility!!

We both shake our heads in disbelief that we actually got up an hour earlier than we should have! Still we hadn't determined who the culprate was that set the clock ahead and HOUR!

Well, now that we had plenty of time, we could have a leisurely breakfast of homemade omelets with lots of mushrooms, onions, green and red peppers and Anaheim chili peppers. YUM!! Roger proceeded to making omelets while I finished getting ready and run through the music I would be playing.

We finished our our omelets, OJ and toast just in time to brush our teeth and head out the door. It is now 8:08 AM. We will arrive at the church easily by 8:13 AM.

As we were driving up to the church, we saw the parking lot full of cars. We thought that a little odd because we are the first ward to meet at the building on Sunday. We didn't think too much about it, though, because often there are early morning meetings, but usually not that MANY cars! We went to our usual parking spot and it was taken! Roger said, "I am a little worried!" I was confused, but absolutely knew that it was NOT time for church to start, yet!! We hadn't had choir practice and was thinking that we probably wouldn't have a very big turn out for choir with all these people at this meeting. We had been gone to Las Vegas the week before and obviously missed the announcement of a meeting early Sunday morning.

As we were getting out of our car, another lady pulled up that we knew and got out of her car in a big hurry and ran into the church. We looked at each other and said, "She is in a hurry!" We were getting even more worried by now, but I still couldn't believe that church was starting an hour early!

As we walked into the church we could hear an opening prayer being broadcast over the speaker system. We again looked at each other in confusion. Roger went to the door of the overflow area to peek in. He looked at me wide-eyed and said, "That is OUR ward!"

We went in and found a seat at the VERY back. I looked up and a dear friend was at the organ!! It takes me a while... I was still confused!! Roger leaned up to a friend sitting in front of us and asked, "What's going on? Why is church an hour early?" He looked at him like he had worms coming out of his nose and said one word.... "DAYLIGHT SAVINGS". (Actually that is 2 words) I asked Roger what he said and he repeated the same 2 words.

To say the least, I was totally EMBARRASSED!! After the SECOND hymn, I caught the eye of the friend who was taking MY place. She came down from the organ to sit with her family, but took a detour out of the chapel and back to where we were sitting. I apologized profusely to her and tried to explain what had happened. She laughed and assured me that it was okay. I told her the least I could do was play the LAST hymn!!

Okay, now you know WHY there should be a BAN on daylight savings!! I would like to know your thoughts?