Thursday, February 28, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

We have been here in LV since Sunday. What can I say about LV? Well, my niece and her family live here, it is a TON warmer than IDAHO! It is a big mass of hussle, bussle, especially on the strip. We are staying at the Monte Carlo. I have to keep looking for all the smoke damage. When we walked in the front door, it smelled like a funeral home! They have really deoderized the place. I would sure hate to be the contracting company who started the fire! OUCH!! Some lady told us that the guy who started the fire is banned from setting foot on the Monte Carlo premises. Don't know how true that is, but ya know....

We have seen Lance Burton's magic show. We are going to the wax museum today to get some fun pictures. We have eaten absolutely TOO MUCH!! How can you not with all the buffets? We have done our usual timeshare travels. Thanks to them, we have eaten and seen shows for free and have a hundred dollars in our pocket. Who says you can't make money in Vegas?? LOL!!

We are going to see Nathan Burton tonight also. He won on America's got talent. There is also the guy that does the puppet ventriloquist thing, but don't know if we will see him or not.

I have been doing a little quilt shop hopping. I will get the name of the one that I really liked later.. (my memory is failing me) :o) Anywho, got some great ideas!

It has been fun to get away and have some together time!

Until later....