Thursday, May 28, 2009

June Newsletter

A Bit About Life:

May has been a whirlwind month! This month (May 29) we celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how fast the years have gone by. We were able to go to Yellowstone, where we spent our honeymoon those many years ago. We love to go to the West Gate Playmill theatre. The play was Footloose and was a very cute performance. Then we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and went to the Bar J Chuckwagon. We always love that place. It is good food and great cowboy entertainment. We did get to celebrate early as it was Memorial Day Weekend.

I FINALLY got my HUGE KING SIZE quilt ready to quilt. I was able to work on it for a while yesterday. Here is a picture of what it looks like before quilting. I am very pleased on how it is turning out so far. I was a bit worried about the size and being able to machine quilt it, but it is working GREAT!!

I have been working on our Birthday Block Swap. This has been a blast making so many different blocks. It was so fun, that we started another group and a lot of the ladies joined that one too! I can't wait until my birthday to see how everyone made the block that I requested. Hurry, AUGUST!! LOL!

My granddaughter, who is diabetic was in need of more packs to carry her insulin pump in. We had gone shopping for fabric some time back and I let her choose her own fabric. I got six of them made up and sent them to her without taking a picture!!! Oh, how I LOVE technology!! I called my daughter and asked her if she could take a picture and email it. She said the camera was with her husband, but she could take one with her phone. And.... here are five of the six packs. My granddaughter is wearing the other one. She was so glad to get them and loved how "her" fabric turned out. These have been such a life saver for her. She just wears them around her waste like a belt and she can run, jump and play all she wants without dropping her pump. And I guarantee, she does a LOT of all three!!

Quilting Views and Tips:

Last month I told you how inspired I was with Bonnie Hunter's scrap "using" system. This last month I was able to put to use this system. I had quite a few novelty fabric pieces that I wasn't sure how to use them. Well.... with Bonnie's help at, I put together this "Scrappy Happy House" quilt. I used the scraps that I cut as per Bonnie's system. It went together so fast and I was able to use up a TON of those novelty fabrics that I had. Here is how the top turned out.

Speaking of Novelty Fabrics.... A couple of quilting friends and I swapped 3 1/2 inch squares of novelty fabric. We made sure that there were 2 of all the fabrics squares we cut. Then we pieced them together to make an I Spy quilt. The quilt also doubles as a matching game. Here is my I Spy quilt which the grandkids already love! I had some squares left so I put the leftover squares to use on the back of the quilt. Here are the pictures of the top and back of my I Spy Quilt.

New Patterns:

This month I have 2 new patterns for the Month after Month wall hanging. The June element is "Building a Barn" and the July element is "Sweet Land of Liberty". These elements can be added to the Month after Month Wall Hanging or use as a table topper or a seperate hanging wall decoration. Hope you enjoy them. Click HERE to find the patterns.

Block of the Month:

The June block will be going out to everyone who has signed the guestbook. The Beautiful in Black series is on the number SIX block. Come and join our Beautiful in Black series group and show us your progress on the blocks. Also, see what others have done. The blocks are so beautiful! Click HERE to find the finished blocks of some awesome quilters! Here is the block for June.

The Quilt in Pastel blocks have come to an end. This month the instructions for finishing your quilt top will be sent to those who have signed my guestbook. How did yours turn out? I would love to see. Come and join our quilt group and show us what you have done! If you haven't joined already, you can click HERE to join. It is FREE to join.

I hope you have enjoyed my newsletter. I would love to hear from you! Until next month!

Blessings, Susan


Piwacket said...

I love your posts. First of all, your KS quilt is beautiful! 2nd, I think the insulin packs turned out great! And finally, I'm also a fan of anything Bonnie Hunter does. I'm attending two of workshops this summer and can hardly wait! Thanks for your inspiration.

Amber said...

So I was thinking you needed to make me some warm quilts for you know where.

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