Thursday, September 24, 2009

September Newsletter Part II

MORE about Life:

Before I left for Alaska, I had a very, happy birthday. My online quilt group did a birthday block swap. We chose the block that we wanted made and the colors we wanted for our block. I chose the block called Sunlight and Shadow. Here are 2 of 20 that I received from wonderful ladies all over the world!! What a nice birthday, huh?

After returning home from Alaska. I went with Ilene Kendrick, my quilting friend, to the Southeast Idaho State Fair. We had entered some quilts in the fair. Well, Ilene took the best of show for her quilted pillow!! She also took some other blue ribbons for her work!! Way to go Ilene!! Here is here pillow and another beautiful quilt she did.

Then, I had another wonderful surprise!! A lady came up to me and asked me my name. I asked, "What is your name?" She said, "Kathryn Evans". Oh, my goodness!! Kathryn, joined my online quilt group and she recognized me by my "cartoon" self portrait. She hung out with us the rest of the day while we looked and looked at all the quilts. She won a blue ribbon on her quilt that she entered! Here is Kathryn and her quilt. What fun!!! I drew a dotted outline around her winning quilt. Way to go Kathryn!!!

I had entered my "Barn Raising" Quilt. I got a 4th place on it, but the judges picked it as one of their favorites. I got a gift certificate to a quilt shop in Rexburg. Here I am in my living glory!!

I also entered my Grandma's Apron table topper and got 3rd place, I think. I had so much fun doing this one.
Oh!! This was so fun!! On our quilt group, we did an "Ugly" fabric swap. We chose an ugly fat quarter that we thought was ugly and sent to to someone. They were to make something with the "Ugly" fabric. I got some ugly fabric from Joleen on our group. As it turns out, Joleen goes to the fair every year. I told her that I was going to enter her project at the fair. She would have to go look for it and see if she could find it. Well, she found it! I acually got 2nd place for it. I don't think her fabric was so ugly!! It was fun having Joleen look for her project. I sent it off to her after the fair. Glad I got a picture of it before hand. Thanks for the fun, Joleen!!
I found a picture of the cutest witch table topper. I just had to have this for my own table. I went to work and developed a pattern. I shared the pattern with my online quilt group. I think this Classy Witch friends topper turned out so cute!!
Well, I can't think of anything I missed! I am continually working on something new, so until next time!!
Blessings, Susan


Cindy said...

Beautiful Quilts!! :)

Singings said...

I love the witch topper. Do you have a pattern? This would go perfect with monthly tea with the girls in October.

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