Monday, July 14, 2008

Mid July Newsletter

Just some personal stuff:

What a great time we had during the 4th of July! We had a wonderful firework display and a great time with 4 of our grandchildren and their parents. As we grow older, we realize how blessed we are to have our family!

Tomorrow we will probably be touring Yellowstone National park with 3 of our other grandchildren. I can't wait!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer with your family!

Quilting Tips:

I have been using my thimble a lot lately. I find it flying off my finger all to frequently! I found this tip this morning and thought I would give it a try. As I said, I haven't tried it yet, but I am for NOT buying a new thimble! LOL!! Here is the tip:

"If your thimble is a little too large for your finger, remove the thimble, lick your finger and put the thimble back on...your thimble will not fly off your finger again."

This is one that I want to try! Hope you will find it useful as well!

"I make my own variegated thread in ANY two- or three-color combinations I want. I just thread all of the threads through my machine and through a #14 JEANS NEEDLE. (It has a large hole, and is very sharp.) If you do not have extra spool holders on your machine, just place each of the extra threads in a heavy mug near the back of your machine, and thread the machine in it's usual manner. I use my "usual" thread, but embroidery thread is thinner, if you would prefer that. The results are so exciting!"

Favorites from our customers:

Many of our customers have taken advantage of the 10% discount on our Christmas stockings. These stocking make wonderful wedding gifts to start the new couple on a new family tradition. Remember an order of $50.00 or more will receive FREE shipping to the continental US!

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These items are in our "Make-it-yourself" department. The "Flap"ulouse Scrap Bag is my favorite purse. It has 5 pockets, two of which are zippered! The pattern comes with full size, simple to follow instructions.

Click on picture for details

Here is our little "Scrappy" bear. If you want something for a child that will last, make it yourself! This little bear comes with full-size, easy to follow instructions. Just use up those scraps to make this adorable bear as a baby shower gift, birthday or make up a few for Christmas!
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If you have a wedding or special birthday coming up, this is the most unique gift! All you need is a good quality digital picture from a scan or that you have taken and we will do the rest in making a beautiful clock!

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What's For Sale?

Just want to give you a quick rundown of the sale items for this month. All items below are given an extra 10% discount!

Here is a mouth-watering watermelon postcard pattern that you can make to send to someone you have been missing this summer or just send to wish a happy summer!

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The watermelon wall hanging is a fun reminder of some fun summer activites.

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Have fun with this quilt block replica done in red, white and blue. Remember that all of our clocks can be personalized with names, dates or sayings!

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This is our current BOM pattern for July. It is the 9th in our 2008 series. Sign our guestbook to the right if your name has not been put on our list to receive our 2008 BOM patterns each month. These patterns are sent to your email absolutely FREE for simply signing our guestbook.

Click on picture to view previous BOM patterns for 2008

I sincerely hope you are having a wonderful and SAFE summer!! May your coming days be "pieceful"

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Keeping you in stitches!

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