Friday, January 30, 2009

February Newsletter 2009

A Bit About Life

This last two weeks have been a buzz and so much fun! It was the 10th anniversary for the Quilt Show in Shelley. It was the best! I don't know if you remember that I had entered some quilt blocks among many beautiful ones that were entered. I ended up winning 3rd place on the quilt block below.

Then to top it off, my name was drawn to win HALF of these beautiful block. I received 24 blocks made by such wonderful quilters! Take a look at these beautiful blocks.

I also was privileged to teach two classes. One was on making fabric chenille and the other one was on paper piecing. I also got my picture in the paper. Does that mean I'm famous? (Highly unlikely!)

Here is the quilt I made and added the chenille. It is called "Fresh Cut in Chenille". The pattern is available HERE.

These little Needle Books are what I demonstrated for the paper piecing class. We made the striped heart one on the right. I sometimes like to sneak in a little surprise with my newsletter. If you would like the Striped Heart Needle Book pattern, it is available for FREE. Just drop me an email at and it is yours!

Quilting Views and Tips:

I learned so many tips at our quilt show from other quilters who presented demonstration. I wish I had a recording of the two days that we were there.

I was impressed with cutting traditional blocks again to make a totally different pattern. I am giving you a link to something that I think would be a lot of fun to try. Click HERE and tell me what you think. This looks FUN!!

While I am into cutting fabric, follow this link to learn about Stack-n-Whack. I have seen some of these. Check it out HERE.

New Patterns

Okay, I had so much fun working on the April Element for the Month after Month Wall Hanging. Here she is in all her splendor. This one is called "Tulip Bouquet" Isn't she a cutie? Wish you could see her in person. CLICK HERE to find the pattern. Don't forget that these monthly elements button or tie onto a personalized wall hanging with your family name.

As mentioned above, the "Fresh Cut in Chenille" Pattern is also available. Try making some chenille and adding some fun to a project. The "how to" for making chenille is included in the pattern. CLICK HERE to find the pattern.

Block of the Month

The second block pattern for 2009 "Beautiful in Black" is ready to send. If you didn't receive it with this newsletter, hop on over to my guestbook (Look at the upper right side of this page) and indicate that you would like the patterns each month. It is as simple as that! We are also finishing up the 2008 BOM series "Sampler in Pastels" You will receive both of these this month. If you have missed any of the previous month's BOM patterns you will find the "Sampler In Pastels" by CLICKING HERE and the "Beautiful In Black" by CLICKING HERE. Past block patterns can be purchased for only $.99 each.

Here are the BOM blocks for February. These are going to work up wonderfully! (Is that a word? LOL!)

Mystery Quilt Patterns

Clue #3 is available for this Mystery pattern. I am really excited about this one! I wish I could show you the pattern, but that would spoil the fun! CLICK HERE then click on the big ? mark to find the clues. It is a fun treasure hunt!

Clocks and Socks

Just a quick mention of Personalized Christmas Stocking and Personalized Clocks . It is never to early to think about Christmas or gifts for a quilter friend. Choose from a wide selection of Quilt Block clocks. CLICK HERE

Here are a few of the most popular ones.

It is so fun meeting quilters whether it is online or at a quilt shows or wherever! I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. I look forward to your comments either here or at my guestbook.

Happy Valentine's Day!



Beth said...

Well Congrats to you Mz Susy Q and in my opinion should have been first and your a celeb in my book girlfriend

Quilting For Less said...

Beth, you are one sweet chickadee!! Love hearing from you!


Tracey said...

Wow all thoses blocks for you how wonderful, and yes a bit of fame when your in the paper enjoy it,

Take care

Quilting For Less said...

Thank you Tracey! I am thinking on how to put them all together. Got any ideas?

Millie said...

Thank you for all the wonderful tips. I think the curvy 9 patch pattern will be a good one to do. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Quilting For Less said...

Hi Millie,
I want to try the curvy 9 patch SOON! Thank you for your sweet comment!


Alviana said...

Hi there. u have a very wonderful blog! lots of free pattern and beautiful quilt pictures. inspiration and idea resource for me. Thank a bunch for sharing!!!!!

Maggie R said...

I must say you have a very interesting blog.. Lots to see. Your work is very inspiring.I really enjoyed my stay and will be back soon
waving from snow is melting(Hurrah)
in Southern Ontario, Canada ;-}

Kak Pah said...

hai susan.. im so excited when i open my blog today... its u from far away .. i mean not from my country follow my blog even my language is in , Malay.

a thousand thanks ... i really admired your blog... its really give me a lots n lots of idea.. n very eye cathing too

how i wish i can be so active like u.. glad u can share your blog.... tq

Maggie R said...

Susan ,
all I wanted was to send you an email but couldn't find an addy..
Thanks for popping by my blog. You were wondering where I got the bird felting kit, It was at..
I didn't see the birds on there anymore but i suppose an inquirey would work

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Hey it's Quilting Aggi!!! So nice to see your blog!! I'll have to come back again to take a peek!

Quiltingly Yours

A Quilting Journey said...

Thank you for the lovely Valentine...having you become a 'follower' of my that I could track back and 'meet' you and visit your amazing blog! What a visual delight!! It is obvious that you are a talented and creative quilter and business woman, but even more important..your quilter's heart shines like a beacon in every post! I look forward to many more visits!