Friday, February 27, 2009

March Newsletter

A Bit About Life:

Can you believe that March is here? Holy smokes! The months are flying by! I just returned from spending a few days with some of my grandkids. They were fun and were very good! My four year old Paden is so funny. He wears glasses and of course looks so cute. Some lady at the store told him that he was the cutest boy she had ever seen. His comment was, and I quote, "Yeah, and I am smart, too!" These grandkids are so fun! Here are the grandkids in Boise. (Okay, their parents are here too...)

I am so excited to tell you about this! I have started a quilting forum. I love my quilt group that I go to once a month, but I thought how fun it would be to have one online that I could go to anytime I wanted. I have started a group for our next Mystery. You will be able to post pictures of your progression of the mystery and share comments. Click HERE for the Quilt Forum. I hope you will join in the FUN!! There will be more details for the NEW Mystery posted there.

Quilting Views and Tips:

Have you checked out this site? I just happened upon it. You are probably saying, "Where have you been?" What a neat site to help you in every aspect of quilting. It's called Go check it out if you haven't already. Plan to spend a little time there and by all means, BOOKMARK it!! Click HERE to go there. Have fun!

New Patterns:

The last Mystery has been solved and the pattern is available for sale. It is called Bear's Paw in the Cabin. A picture diagram is below. If you collected the clues, make sure that you make 16 blocks for the first clue instead of 12! The purchased pattern has been corrected. BOY OH BOY!! Those little typos get ya every time!

Bear's Paw in the Cabin

Since St. Patrick's Day is upon us, don't forget these cute patterns. "I'm Irish" and "Luck of the Irish" Click HERE to purchase the patterns.

I'm Irish

Luck of the Irish

Block of the Month:

We are in the 3rd month of the Beautiful in Black BOM patterns and almost finished with the Quilt in Pastels for 2008. If you signed up for the BOM patterns you should have received them at your email address. If you would like them, just stop by and sign the guestbook and you will receive them automatically each month. I started a group to discuss and share your blocks. Make it fun for you and everyone by sharing how yours turned out, or if you have questions, let's discuss and get your answers. Click HERE to join the group.

March BOM "Beautiful in Black"

Quilt in Pastels Block #17

Mystery Quilt Patterns:

A NEW mystery will start on Tuesday. Click HERE and follow the big ? for the clues. If you would like to join the group in making this fun tote, click HERE. You will see the fabrics that I have chosen for mine. Look through your stash and pick out some fun colors. Hope you will join in the fun!

Clocks and Socks:

Do you need a unique gift for a birthday or wedding? Or do you need a new clock for your sewing room? Check out the fun clocks by clicking HERE. Below are just a few. It is NEVER too early to order Christmas Stockings. Beat the Christmas rush! Order HERE

Until next time!

Wishing you a "Pieceful" Day!



crzymom said...

The picture of your grandkids is awesome Susan! Somehow I missed the fact that you have a blog. So glad you do! I have you bookmarked now so that I can come see what you're posting!

Linda said...

Hi Susan Lovely family. Just to let you know I have reached my 50th post. go to my sight and enter my giveaway. good luck Linda

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a wonderful family! And I love all the quilting tips on your blog! Thanks for sharing.

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